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Wound Drains & Evacuators Closed Wound Drain Systems (CWDS)

Usage: To remove blood and excess fluid so as to prevent or minimize hematomas. To eliminate dead space. To promote approximation of skin flaps. To reduce the potential of post-op infection. To enhance wound healing. To reduce post-op pain and swelling. Comprising: All CWDS are composed of 2 primary components: Surgical Drains and Evacuators/Reservoirs. Trocars can be included (optionally) or can be attached in a sterile field, prior to surgery

Round Drains

Range: 5 side holes, 500mm length, available in 10 sizes (10-36FR) 1250.

Range: end perforation, 1250mm length, available in 4 sizes (7-19FR – trocar optional)


Thoracic Drains

Thoracic Drain: Fully ROP (white), 500mm length, single hole at distal location – both ends of drain cut to 45°, available in 6 sizes (15-36FR). Thoracic Drain 600/5: 5 side perforations, 600mm length, proximal end of drain cut to 45°, available in 6 sizes (15-36FR)

Capillary Action Drains (passive wound drainage)

Multilumen Drain: 16 lumens. Clear or fully ROP (white) Available either sterile (in lengths of 40cm), or non-sterile in rolls of 25 meters. Easy Flow Drain: incorporating inner “teeth” to ensure open drainage. Available in both 300mm or 500mm length, in sizes 6, 8, 10, & 12mm Round, and 40mm flat.

Fluted Drains

Flat Drains: clear with blue x-ray line or fully ROP (white). Available in sizes 7mm & 10mm. Round Drains (hubless): Available in sizes 10,15,19 & 24FR. Clear with blue x-ray line or fully ROP (white).

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